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April 15, 1999 Press Release

Press Release - WebShocker v1.0.3 and WebShocker updater v1.0.3
Recosoft Corporation announces the release of version 1.0.3 of WebShocker.

The minor upgrade specifically addresses importing files into WebShocker.

WebShocker 1.0.3 now adds support for importing the following file formats:
  • BMP (Windows Bitmap)
  • MacPaint
  • PNG
  • QuickTime Image File
  • QuickDraw GX Picture
  • Silicon Graphics Image File
  • Targa Image File
  • TIFF
Owners of WebShocker 1.0 or WebShocker 1.0.2 can download the updater software which will upgrade WebShocker to version 1.0.3. The updater is available at
  • WebShocker is a powerful, low-cost Web animation creation software.
  • WebShocker provides an integrated work environment to create GIF animation's, Java animation's, and QuickTime movies.
  • WebShocker's environment includes a paint tools layer to create animation images from scratch, an animation preview window, and over 20 transition effects to create dynamic animation transitions.
  • WebShocker can also import GIF, PICT, JPEG, QuickTime movies and PhotoShop files.
  • WebShocker comes with 200 ready-to-use GIF animation's and is priced at $39.95 for a single-user license.

Recosoft Corporation is headquartered at Osaka, Japan. URL:

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