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February 14, 2000 Press Release

    Press Release - Recosoft to exhibit at MacWorld Expo Tokyo/2000
Recosoft Corporation announces today that it will be exhibiting at Macworld Expo Tokyo/2000 taking place during February 16 - 19, 2000.

Recosoft will showcase the following products and services at Macworld Expo Tokyo/2000.


  • WebShocker 2.0 - The latest upgrade to Recosoft's Web animation creation software. The final shipping version of WebShocker v2.0 will be unveiled at the Expo. WebShocker v2.0 will be available from February end.

  • "Chicago" 1.0- Recosoft's new document and file conversion software that will convert Japanese documents, graphics, and E-mail attachments of different file types (including several Japanese Mac and Windows word processing files as well as word processing machines). A beta version of the software will be displayed at the Expo.

  • RecoWrite 1.0.5 - Recosoft's fast and light Japanese word processor.

Software Consulting Services:

  • OEM product creation - With Recosoft's in-house talent pool in developing and delivering high quality software, software and hardware companies alike can benefit by outsourcing their software product development to Recosoft. Recosoft's expertise includes Japanese language processing, Image Processing, Multimedia, QuickTime, GUI development and Carbon (MacOS X) development for Macintosh and Cross Platform development for Windows.

  • Localization services - Recosoft can assist companies that want to localize their products for the Japanese market. Recosoft has experience delivering English and Japanese versions of software products.

Recosoft Corporation is headquartered at Osaka, Japan. URL:

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