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October 16, 2003 Press Release

Press Release - VINC v1.7 Ships
Recosoft Corporation announces that it has started shipping VINC v1.7 a major upgrade to its integrated disk navigation, document viewing and conversion tool. VINC (View, Navigate & Convert) provides rapid viewing and conversion of MSWord, PDF, AppleWorks, RTF, PNG, JPEG, Photoshop etc...files.

VINC v1.7 now provides the capability of viewing and converting PDF* files into any of the other word processing file formats that VINC supports. Users are now able to extract the PDF text data for editing in their favorite word processing software. Additionally VINC v1.7 contains the following enhancements -

  • Added Support for the following file formats
    • MSWord 2003
    • Unicode UTF-8
    • Unicode UTF-16

  • MSWord File Format Enhancements
    • Word Art
    • Text box
    • Footnotes/Endnotes
    • Native graphics/drawings
    • Complete support for embedded WMF graphics
    • OLE embedded data such as Excel spreadsheets, charts, PowerPoint graphics etc...

  • AppleWorks File Format enhancements
    • Footnotes/Endnotes
    • Inline Appleworks Graphics

  • Text file format enhancements
    • Table cell text data are now written out as individual paragraphs when converting to Text type

  • Other enhancements
    • Added support for Arabic and Hebrew languages in MSWord, RTF, HTML, Unicode files
    • Improved format and layout retention during conversions for most file formats

*For PDF documents, the text data is read and processed. Paragraphs are re-created wherever possible. The font information is also retained where possible.

VINC v1.7 is available immediately in the following configurations :

    VINC v1.7 Upgrade License
    VINC v1.7 Single User License
    VINC v1.7 Education Single User License
    VINC v1.7 Education 20 Pack License

To download a 30 day Trial Version of VINC v1.7 please click here.

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