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October 21, 1999 Press Release

Press Release - Webshocker v2.0
Recosoft Corporation announces the availability of a Beta 30 day trial version of WebShocker v2.0; a major upgrade to its integrated web animation creation software.

WebShocker v2.0 sports a new and improved user interface and incorporates over 200 plus new features and enhancements over version 1.0.

WebShocker 2.0 offers a powerful yet streamlined interface for creating the smallest and most compact GIF Animation's, Animated Banners, Java Animation's and QuickTime Movies. Click here for further details about WebShocker v2.0's features.
  • Users of WebShocker v1.0 who purchased WebShocker v1.0 after August 31, 1999 can upgrade for free to WebShocker v2.0 once it is released.
  • Users of WebShocker v1.0 who purchased WebShocker v1.0 before September 1, 1999 can upgrade to WebShocker 2.0 for US$29.95.
  • WebShocker v2.0 is slated to ship in the first week of November, 1999. An upgrade package from version 1.0 to version 2.0 will be made available when WebShocker v2.0 ships.
  • WebShocker v2.0 comes with 200 ready-to-use GIF animation's and is priced at $39.95 for a single-user license.

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