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ID2Office FAQs

Here's a small list of FAQs on ID2Office. As more of you ask questions, this section will keep growing. Do send us any queries you may have.

Q-1) What do you mean by annual subscription license

The license model for ID2Office is based on an annual subscription. From the date of purchase the license expires within 1 year. After which if you wish to use it, you need to purchase a new subscription.
Q-2) How well is the conversion from an InDesign file to the Office format?

ID2Office tries its best to accurately preserve the layout when converting the file from InDesign type to the Microsoft Word/PowerPoint type. However, inherent differences exist between InDesign and the Office file types. Certain properties and objects aren't mapped accurately and may result in a non-optimal conversion.
Q-3) Why do transparencies flatten out?

The issue with transparencies and graphics objects are rather complex. The Office formats have limited support for advanced features such as transparencies and gradients to name a few. Depending on the version of Word/PowerPoint the level of support differs. The most natural way to convert objects such as graphics and images where transparencies and other advanced properties exist is to flatten them out as an image.


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