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WebShocker v2.2 FAQs

Here's a small list of FAQs on WebShocker. As more of you ask more questions, this section will keep growing. Do send us any queries you may have.

Q-1) How come GIF animation's appear to run faster on some computers and slower on others?

The speed with which the animation plays back depends on the processor speed of your computer. An animation viewed through a browser running on a fast computer will loop faster than one viewed on a slower computer.
Q-2) Do I need to put the original images onto the server?

No. Animated Gaffes are completely self-contained. They do not contain any references to the original files.
Q-3) How do I upload an animated GIF to my server?

In just the same way as you upload non-animated GIFs and JPEG graphics files. The actual commands used will vary from server to server.
Q-4) When the loop count for an animation is set to 1 and saved as a GIF Animation, it doesn't playback properly in Netscape Communicator 4.5. Why is this?

Please make sure that the version of WebShocker you are using is greater than 1.0.1. If you are using either WebShocker version 1.0 or 1.0.1, you can download an updater software by clicking at the following
Q-5) Can I upgrade to WebShocker v2.2 for free?

You are entitled to receive a free upgrade to WebShocker v2.2 if you purchased WebShocker on or after Feb. 28, 2000.

You can upgrade to WebShocker v2.2 for US$29.95. Please click here to purchase your upgrade copy!!!
Q-6) Why can't WebShocker v2.0/v2.2 open up my QuickTime movies, AVI Files or MPEG files?

QuickTime Movies, AVI files and MPEG files often contain many frames that require a lot of memory. In order to open up such files you will have to set the WebShocker Application Memory Size to about 50MB or more depending on the file you are trying to open.

Q-7) I am an owner of WebShocker v1.0, why doesn't the WebShocker v2.0.1 or WebShocker v2.0.3 Updater software work on it?

The WebShocker v2.0.1 and WebShocker v2.0.3 Updater Software are only meant for owners of WebShocker v2.0. You can purchase the latest copy of WebShocker by clicking on the following
Q-8) I can't get my Java Animation's to work. Help!!

Java Animation's are a little special in the way they work. When animation's are saved as Java Animation's, a series of animation files are created along with a ".htm" file.

In addition to the files that are created Java Animation's also require 3 additional files located in the "Java Classes" folder within the "WebShocker folder for them to work. We are providing a step by step example below:
  • From the File Menu, choose the Save As Command.

  • Set the location where you want to Save your animation as the Desktop (to make things easier).

  • Click on the New Folder Button in the Save Window (its best to create a new folder as many files are created).

  • A new window appears asking you for the New Folder Name (you may enter any name you want). For this example let's use "My Work" and click on the Okay/Create Button.

  • A New folder is created with the name "My Work".

  • Now, set the Format to "Java Animation - JPEG"

  • Enter a Name for your animation. Let's enter "Cool" for the name in this case.

  • Click on the OKAY Button.

  • Your animation will be saved as a Java Animation.

  • Drag all of the files contained in the Folder "Java Classes" (located within the WebShocker folder), into the folder "My Work" (this is the folder where your Java Animation was saved).

  • Your Java Animation is COMPLETE at this point.
You can view your Java Animation in Netscape or Internet Explorer by double clicking on the file which contains the letters ".htm" as part of its name (so in this case "Cool.htm").

All you have to do now is to UPLOAD all of the files contained within this folder into your Web Server.

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