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PDF2ID v3.0 : What's New

Whats new in PDF2ID Standard and Professional v3.0.1

  • Complete support for InDesign CS 5.5
    PDF2ID now supports ID CS5.5

  • Font Mapping enhancements
    Issues specifically related to mapping certain TrueType fonts were resolved.

  • Enhanced Conversion and Stability
    Certain stability and conversion related issues were addressed.

  • Whats new in PDF2ID Standard and Professional v3.0

  • Integration with InDesign CS5
    PDF2ID has been enhanced to operate and function with InDesign CS5. InDesign CS3 and CS4 are supported as well. (For the Macintosh platform PowerPC support has been removed.)

  • Variable Page Size PDF (InDesign CS5 only)
    PDFs that contain variable page sizes are now converted to InDesign documents with variable page sizes. This feature is only available when PDF2ID v3.0 is used in conjunction with InDesign CS5.

  • Frames Linking Across Pages
    Frames linking across pages has been introduced allowing frames that are considered continuous across pages to be linked automatically.

  • Separation of Text, Graphics and Tables into distinct layers
    Separate layers for Text, Tables and Graphics are automatically created generating a document that is easier to manage and edit.

  • Graphics Options panel
    A new Graphics Options panel has been introduced, which provides complete control over how vector graphics and images should be processed. Device Profiles can be recovered and stored with the image; furthermore, complex vector graphics can be converted to high-resolution images with alpha-channel properties.

  • Interactive PDF properties 
    PDF Bookmarks, URLs and Transitions are processed and converted to the appropriate InDesign property and type.

  • Text Wrap around objects
    Text wrap around objects is identified and the corresponding InDesign property is applied to better preserve layout fidelity.

  • Image Recombination
    Images that have been separated into many smaller slices are identified and recombined to form the larger image.

  • Image resolution up-sampling
    PDF2ID v3.0 now offers the ability to raise low-resolution images to a higher resolution using bicubic up-sampling.

  • Formatting Options preference panel
    A new Formatting Options preference panel has been introduced that enables you to tailor the formatting as you like. Table and Cell properties, Frames Break insertion, and Paragraph/Style properties can be controlled here.

  • Color Profiles and Graphics preference panel
    The Color Profile Settings preference panel has been replaced by the Color Profiles and Graphics preference panel. New controls include specifying up-sampling low-resolution images in PDF documents and other image-related notification settings.

  • PDF Conversion Core Enhancement
    The PDF conversion core has been thoroughly enhanced to improve the layout reconstruction.

  • Conversion Log
    A conversion log is maintained recording all conversions performed. This lets you track the completed conversions and options used when converting a file.

  • Enhanced Character Style, Paragraph Style and Image file naming scheme
    Character properties, Paragraph properties and Image properties can be inserted as part of the respective Character style, Paragraph style and image file names.

  • Multi-user Support
    PDF2ID v3.0 has been enhanced to support multi-user configurations.

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