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  PDF2Office Personal v5.0: Macintosh Version

Familiar Interface

  • Choose the Open Command from the File Menu in Word.

  • then, Choose the file to open using the Open dialog

  • When the PDF2Office Options dialog appears, click on the OK button.

  • Microsoft® Word's progress dialog appears.

  • The PDF file is converted to the Microsoft® Word format and appears in a new window in Microsoft® Word ready for editing.

  • Scope of Conversion

    PDF2Office Personal takes a PDF document and performs the following processing -

    1. Forms paragraphs and applies indentations (justification is set to left)
    2. Applies text styles and retains font information (or font mapping is performed)
    3. Constructs page properties such as margins and page breaks where appropriate
    4. Interpolates columns and section breaks
    5. Matches headers and footers where possible
    6. Forms endnotes/footnotes
    7. Identfies and creates tables
    8. Regroups intersecting and overlapping Graphics
    9. Processes all images (except JBIG format) and regroups intersecting sliced images

    Note: PDF2Office Personal strictly honors the security settings of a PDF document.

    Key Features

    • Open PDF documents directly in Microsoft® Word
      PDF2Office Personal is a plug-in for Microsoft® Word that enables you to directly open PDF documents within Microsoft® Word.

    • Drag and Drop
      Simply drag and drop a PDF onto Word and have it open in Microsoft® Word.

    • Quick
      PDF2Office Personal converts the PDF document to Microsoft® Word format within seconds.

    • Familiar Interface
      PDF2Office Personal uses standard Microsoft® Word interface for opening a
      PDF document - there is no need to learn anything new.

    • Seamless Integration
      PDF2Office Personal seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Word and the desktop interface.

    • Extract Data
      Extract text, images and/or other data from specific pages.

    • Multi-Language/Asian Language Support
      Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Western European, Greek, Russian-language data contained in PDF documents.

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