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RecoWrite: Features

Light, Fast and Easy to Use

Optimized for the Macintosh, RecoWrite is extremely small with correspondingly low RAM requirements, thus allowing you to work rapidly. The toolbar and button bars have been designed to allow you to execute commands with a single mouse click. RecoWrite's powerful drag and drop features allow you to move text and graphics around in your document, easily and conveniently.

Word Processing Features
  • RecoWrite's powerful formatting features allow you to control every aspect of document publishing including indentation, line spacing, inter character spacing, fonts, styles, text color and even text background color.

  • Graphics and other data can be directly imported into your document.

  • RecoWrite's Spelling Checker utility carries a dictionary of over 100,000 words to ensure that you make no mistakes. Preview your formatted document using the Print Preview feature so that you can iron out any errors you may have made while formatting.
Powerful And Easy To Use Tables
  • RecoWrite makes creating tables as easy as "Select & Click" with its Text to Table command button. By simply selecting text and using the "Text To Table" command a table is automatically created for you.

  • Having created your basic table, you can edit and format text in each cell using the standard word processing features. Interchanging rows or columns is as simple as performing a drag and drop operation. Resize tables, table rows and columns or each cell by simply clicking and dragging the borders.

  • Apply colors and patterns to cells and cell borders to create amazing looking tables by choosing any one of the 64 available colors and 15 border patterns.
MacOS Support
RecoWrite has built in support for most of the MacOS's convenience features such as PowerTalk, QuickTime and AppleScript. You could embed a QuickTime movie within a RecoWrite document, which the reader could play back.

Productivity Features
RecoWrite also has a powerful scripting feature for Mail Merge which allows you to completely automate large mailing operations.

HTML/Web Page Creation
RecoWrite functions as an extremely easy to use Web page generator. Anyone can simply create a Web page with graphics and links without any knowledge of HTML. Simply chose the "Save As" command and set the file type as "WWW" and all graphics gets automatically converted to JPEG, tables gets converted to accurate HTML tables and the appropriate HTML tags are inserted to convert the text.

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