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WebShocker v2.2: Powerful Features

Animation Creation
WebShocker allows creations of animations from 1 to 24 bits and up to 800 x 800 pixels in size. During creation of an animation, the color palette to use for an animation can be specified. The color palette specified becomes the color palette for the animation.

Image Editing and Manipulation Facility
Images can be created, re-touched or even edited using the Paint Tools built into WebShocker. Images can be transformed and warped into any desired shape. The painting and transformation tools provided are those found in standard paint programs. The Paint window contains horizontal and vertical rulers and grids for precise image manipulation. Images can be zoomed up to 800% for detailed editing.

Tool Palette

Animation Export Assistant
The animation export assistant aids in the process of exporting an animation to a Web Format. The animation export assistant allows controlling the quality and size of the animations when exported as a GIF animation, QuickTime Movie or Java Animation. The animation export assistant makes it easy to create the desired output. A preview is provided for viewing the difference between the original animation and the format specified.

You can create animations using thousands or even millions of colors and control the color resolution using the Color Table popup when exporting your animation as a GIF animation.

Export Assistant Window

Robust File Import Capability
WebShocker can read PhotoShop, PICT, GIF, GIF Animation, JPEG, BMP, AVI, MPEG and many other file types.

Scanner and Digital Camera interface
Images captured by Scanners and Digital Cameras can be imported directly into WebShocker. WebShocker can also read multiple images stored in a Digital Camera thus making it easy to create animations based on Real life photos.

File Menu

Comprehensive Support for GIF Specific settings
Gif Animation settings such as loop count, frame delay, background color, frame removal, interlace, transparency color and image size are all provided and supported. Any of these settings can be made.

Options Window

Output smallest and most optimal GIF Animations
Using the Optimize feature and Remove Unused Colors, smallest and most compact GIF animations can be output. The smaller the file size the faster the download times.

Onion Skin

A transparent image of the previous and/or next image is displayed thus facilitating the editing process. This capability allows precise placement of the image being edited relative to the previous or next image in the animation.

Batch Animation Conversion

Batch Convert is a feature where animations stored in a folder are converted to another format with little interaction. Batch Conversion facilitates the process of converting animations from one type to another.

Batch Convert Window

Image Cropping
Image Cropping is a feature where unwanted areas of an image are removed automatically yielding smaller image sizes. An image can be cropped based on the first pixel or by using the Crop Tool.

Drag and Drop

Files can be dragged from the Desktop and put into an animation. Images can be dragged from one animation to another. Additionally, the position of an image within an animation can be changed by simply clicking and dragging the image to a new position. The Drag and Drop interface is supported pervasively within the application.

Color Palette Editor
The Color Palette Editor allows creation of custom color palettes. The color palettes created can be used to create an animation.

Color Palette Editor

Brush Shape Editor
The Brush Shape Editor allows creation of custom brush shapes. The brush shapes created are used by the Brush Tool. The Brush Shape Editor allows the creation of Line, Rectangle and Oval Brushes.

Brush Shape Editor

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