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  VINC v1.7: Features

  • View the text of documents created in applications not available on your computer
  • Convert documents from one format to another.
  • Convert Macintosh files to Windows files or vice versa
  • Navigate through all volumes available to the computer from within VINC.
  • Bookmark files so that you can refer to them again later without looking for them
  • Print documents from within VINC
  • Automatically create a conversion report
  • Batch convert multiple files
  • Display information regarding unsupported types
  • Set source and destination folders for conversions
  • Set rules for automatic conversion
  • Drag-n-drop files to convert
VINC Mac OS 8 - 9 Version
VINC Mac OS X Version

Scope of Conversion

The scope of conversion depends on each individual file format filter. The following list specifies generally attributes that are converted.

1. Paragraph Attributes (Indents, Spacing etc.)
2. Character Attributes (Font, Size, Style, Color, Background Color)
3. Page Breaks/Column Breaks/Section Breaks
4. Columns (Fixed/Variable width)
5. Headers/Footers (Alternate inclusive)
6. Endnotes/Footnotes
7. Tables (inline tables, complex tables, merged cells etc.)
8. Table Cell Attributes (Vertical/Horizontal direction, borders etc.)
9. Graphics (inline and floating graphics) and Native Drawings
10. Style Sheets (MS-Word style sheets get applied to the data)
11. Furigana (Japanese RUBY)
12. Vertical Text Orientation (Japanese only)
13. Document Margins
14. Date/Time/Page Number (gets converted to TEXT)
15. Preset Tab (Tab Markers)
16. MSWord specific - OLE embedded images, Word Art, Text Box

Supported File Formats

The following lists are for currently supported file formats for VINC v1.7

Document Formats currently supported
(Mac denotes Macintosh; Win denotes Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003)

File Formats Language Conversion Type Platform
AppleWorks 4.0 English/Western European/
Cyrillic/Central European
Read & Write Mac/Win
ClarisWorks 4.0 Japanese Read & Write Mac/Win
AppleWorks 5.0 English/Western European/
Cyrillic/Central European
Read Mac/Win
AppleWorks 6.0 Japanese/Chinese/Korean Read & Write
(Write via AppleWorks 4J)
AppleWorks 6.0 English/Western European/
Cyrillic/Central European
Read & Write
(Write via AppleWorks 4J)
MSWord 95 - 2003 English/Western European/Cyrillic/
Central European/Japanese
Read & Write Win
MSWord 97 - 2003 Korean/Chinese/Arabic/Hebrew Read & Write Win
MSWord 6.0 - X Japanese Read & Write Mac
MSWord 6.0 - X English/Western European/Cyrillic/
Central European
Read & Write Mac
PDF English/Western European/
Read All Platforms
RTF 1.0 - 1.7 Japanese/Chinese/Korean Read & Write Mac/Win
RTF 1.0 - 1.7 English/Western European/
Cyrillic/Central European
Read & Write Mac/Win
Unicode (UTF-8/16) All Languages Read & Write All Plaforms
HTML upto 3.2 English/Japanese Write Mac/Win
HTML - UTF8 All Languages Write Mac/Win
RecoWrite Japanese Read & Write Mac
Text English Read & Write Mac/Win/Unix

Image File Formats Supported

QuickTime Image
Silicon Graphics
QuickDraw GX

Support for Japanese word processor file formats such as EGWord and MacWrite IIJ are provided in the Japanese version of VINC. If you would like more information with regards to the Japanese version of VINC, please contact

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