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VINC v1.7: For OEMs

VINC has tremendous synergy with third party solutions. OEMs can license out VINC or portions of VINC in either of the following methods..

1. Bundling of VINC with software products

Makers of various software and hardware products can bundle VINC to complement their products. For example, there are many Windows simulators like VirtualPC and SoftWindows on the Macintosh currently. The maker of these products can add value by bundling VINC, so that users can view different Windows files without having to buy the Windows applications.

Contact to obtain licensing details and an OEM evaluation kit

2. Licensing of VINC's converter technologies

VINC's technologies and converters are extremely ideal for OEMs to incorporate as part of their products. VINC's technologies and converters are cross-platform and can be incorporated into products for Macintosh, Windows as well as other platforms (such as Linux). VINC's converter capabilities can extend not only to word processing and spreadsheet formats, but also for database, presentation, CAD/CAM, as well as many other custom file formats. Recosoft understands that OEMs do not necessarily require the User Interface component of VINC. Moreover, OEMs may require just the converters.

VEM is the crossplatform document file format converter and import/export solution kit for use by OEMs. VEM is based on a robust plug-in technology. Recosoft has created a completely self-contained OEM kit along with the converter plug-ins that OEMs may readily license and use as required. The OEM kit also comes with comprehensive documentation including the VEM API set. OEMs do not need to put in much effort to make their products incorporate VEM. Using the OEM kit, OEMs can support the features of VEM in a matter of a few days!

Refer to VEM for more information regarding the licensing of the converter technologies.

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